Bear Cart Pilot Project

We’re testing out the latest version of our Bear Cart with real people in real bear country. Read what they had to say:


1) How does the cart handle for you? Any issues with the lid/wheels/other components?

“Cart handles well on my gravel and bumpy driveway. No issues.”
“No problems so far.”
“no issues at all so far!”
“Handles well, no issues”
“Seems to be light and mobile. The lid is easy to lift.”

2) Are there any specific issues you’ve had with your cart?

“No issues.”
“None to date”
“–no, we like the design.”

3) Have any bears tried breaking into the cart? If so, please describe what happened.

“Not that I know of.”
“None so far.  I purposely left the cart out over night but no attacks so far.”
“–No break in attempts so far, although I don’t think they’re awake yet around our house.”
“Not yet. Have not seen any bears out yet. We are storing the cart outside of the shed to test.  Last summer a bear ripped the shed doors off their hinges to get at the regular trash cart.”
“Not so far”

4) Do you like using this cart? If so, what specifically about it works well for you?

“Yes. The smaller size is nice for our needs and I enjoy the peace of mind having the bear bin.”
“Yes.  Very similar to a regular cart but with a more robust lid.”
“–I like it a lot. I like that it is possible to open it with one hand, while still feeling really secure.”
“ –like the wheels!”
“So far so good. Wheels seem nice and sturdy.”
 “Opening the lid is simple and easy, much nicer than the old bear proof cabs”

5) How are the lid latches working? Are they easy to use?

“No issue.”
“Yes, the lids are easy to use.”
“The lid latch is working really well. It is secure, seems sturdy, but is easy to open.”