Bear-Resistant, People-Friendly

There are lots of cute videos on the internet of bears rooting through trash, but it stops being cute when it’s your bin they’ve gotten into. (Getting in trouble with animal control isn’t much fun for the bears either.) Introduced at WasteCon 2017, Rehrig Pacific’s Bear-Resistant Roll-Out Cart stops the problem before it starts. When a bear figures out that the bin is impossible for them to open, they lose interest and move along.

Our cart is tough and smart, made out of rugged materials and equipped with a tamper-proof lid that won’t open for bears, but will open for trash pickup when completely inverted by semi- or fully-automated waste collection systems. That means waste collection providers don’t have to change a thing—the Bear-Resistant Roll-Out Cart is 100% compatible with all existing systems. And the only thing that gives it away as a bear-resistant bin is the custom lid (which actually looks pretty cool). Our team brought all their engineering skills to, um, bare in order to create a lid that’s designed to be, in the words of Derick Foster, Rehrig Pacific’s environmental design project leader, “bear-resistant but not human-resistant.”

In fact, the Rehrig Pacific Bear-Resistant Roll-Out Cart is the only bear-resistant bin that works with fully-automated systems, is ANSI compliant, and certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (which we assure you is very real). At Rehrig Pacific, we approach every problem, no matter how big, small or strange, with the same attention to detail and human-friendly innovation.