Casella Chooses Rehrig Pacific as Partner for Sustainability Initiative

Stratham, NH (May 4, 2021) Rehrig Pacific recently announced it was selected by leading waste hauler Casella (NASDAQ: CWST) to manufacture and distribute recycling carts made from recycled plastic for the Town of Stratham, New Hampshire under a new sustainability initiative.

The Town of Stratham received a grant from The Recycling Partnership to help pay for recycling carts to increase recycling in the community. Casella was awarded the collection contract. Among the requirements of the grant is that the residential recycling carts used by the Town must be made from at least 5% post-consumer recycled material. Rehrig Pacific, using a proprietary process, can manufacture carts with an industry-leading 40% post-consumer recyclate without compromising strength or curb appeal. “Rehrig Pacific was an obvious choice,” said Brian Groshon, Market Area Manager at Casella. “They are leaders in sustainability initiatives across our industry and align to our goals. They use the highest quantities of recyclate in their carts while still being able to achieve exceptional quality and the desired branding goals of our municipal partners.”

Rehrig Pacific has developed a proprietary process called co-injection that inserts high levels of recycled plastic between a virgin plastic shell, allowing vast reductions in raw material consumed without sacrificing structural integrity, longevity, or appearance. Rehrig Pacific offers the same warranty on its recycled products, guaranteeing them for the same lifespan as non-recycled alternatives. Moreover, Rehrig Pacific’s carts are 100% recyclable at the end of their life, further reducing the impact on the environment and helping customers to achieve a net-zero environmental impact.

“It was an honor to work with Casella on this project,” said Dave Afonso, Senior Sales Representative at Rehrig Pacific. “Casella’s reputation for delivering sustainable services and value is unparalleled. The partnership between our organization, Casella, and The Recycling Partnership has carved out a path for communities like Stratham looking to find forward-thinking, innovative approaches to waste and recycling.” Casella also sets a high standard for sustainability within its operations. As a leading recycler and resource management provider, they are committed to reclaiming over 2M tons of material annually by 2030 while helping customers reduce greenhouse gas impacts.

The partnership between Rehrig Pacific and Casella is only the latest in a long series of sustainability innovations for both companies. Rehrig Pacific continues to develop customized closed-loop and circular plastic economy solutions tailor-made to achieve bold sustainability goals, by using alternative recycled content such as PET caps and labels, Bulky Rigid plastics, and Ocean Plastic waste. It is partnerships such as these, that will define the future of sustainability initiatives in the waste and recycling industry.

Casella Waste Systems, Inc., headquartered in Rutland, Vermont, was founded in 1975 with a single truck. Today, the company provides resource management expertise and services to residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial customers, primarily in the areas of solid waste collection and disposal, transfer, recycling, and organics services in the northeastern United States. Its 3,000 employees are committed to helping the company’s customers throughout the Northeast use resources more sustainably in their homes and businesses.

Founded in 1913, Rehrig Pacific’s products and solutions create value for their customers’ products and ideas as they move throughout the global supply chain. The company’s proven success comes from focusing on the needs of its customer’s customers, integrating technology to eliminate waste, enhancing the consumer experience, continually delivering solutions that are simple and easy to implement, and providing ideas that are driven by a relentless commitment to sustainability. Learn more at

Contact: Miles Bohannan, Rehrig Pacific