Household Trash Will Fuel Ecomaine’s New Electric Refuse Trucks

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The company is expected to replace two diesel-powered waste trucks with Lion Electric Co’s electric trucks by the end of the year.

  Ecomaine, which converts Maine’s trash into electricity, announced that it will replace its diesel waste hauling trucks with electric trucks fueled by incinerated household trash. The company is expected to replace two diesel-powered waste trucks with Lion Electric Co’s electric trucks by the end of the year. The electric vehicles are expected to cost a total of $1 million. Half of the costs will be covered by grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Sun Journal has more:

Ecomaine, a publicly owned waste-to-energy facility serving 70 Maine communities, is investing in electric waste-hauling trucks that will be fueled by incinerated household trash.

Portland-based ecomaine announced the move Monday, saying it will replace its two diesel-powered waste haulers with electric trucks by the end of this year. Ecomaine said it believes it is the first company in the U.S. to utilize a waste-hauling system that is powered entirely by its own waste-to-energy operations.

The operation manages waste disposal and recycling for member communities across the region. Household waste is incinerated and converted into electricity, which ecomaine sells and feeds onto the electric grid. The agency uses its fleet of trucks to haul some waste from the incinerator to a nearby landfill.

  Mar. 11, 2020