Innovative ¾-Yard and 1-Yard Containers for Urban Environments

New York may be a huge city, but it has lots of tight spaces that make waste collection both difficult and dangerous. Until recently, the waste equipment being utilized by New York Haulers consisted of oddly-shaped, difficult-to-maneuver containers that had to be unloaded by hand, which was very time consuming. The containers were often manhandled into Rear Load hoppers, creating dangerous conditions for collectors. Unsurprisingly, servicing thousands of bins in this way lead to serious injuries, diminished collection efficiencies, and left New York City hauling operations searching for a better way to do business. The existing bins may have met size restrictions (NYC doorframes are an average of 1.5-2” narrower than the US average), but they did not meet human needs. Ironically, sometimes it takes cold, hard logic to make a more human-friendly product. That’s where Rehrig Pacific excels. By looking at the physics of the situation, the mix of gravity, speed, repetition and volume of the collection process, we reinvented the bins altogether, creating a better urban container. Rehrig Pacific’s new ¾-Yard and 1-Yard Containers are lightweight, narrow, maneuverable, and perhaps most importantly, fully compatible with semi-automated waste pickup systems. In essence, we made life easier for people by removing them from an entire step of the collection process. Instead of dumping bin after bin by hand like our pre-modern ancestors, waste collectors in New York can now join the 21st century with bins that are picked up by trucks.