Manchester Residents Getting New Trash Containers

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Starting Monday, residents will receive new trash containers, and the old ones will be recycled. Delivery of the green, 65-gallon containers by town contractor Rehrig Pacific is to continue through the end of June, Environmental Services Manager Brooks Parker said. Residents can begin to use the new containers immediately. Educational literature affixed to the handle of each new wheeled cart will include information on how to obtain an additional container, if desired, and a flyer on materials that can be recycled using existing blue carts. The contractor also will remove old trash carts, which are town property, and they will be recycled into new plastic resin. The town is getting paid for each of the old carts, Parker said. The old containers were delivered in 2004 and many are past the end of their useful lives, town officials said. The new standard size replaces three sizes that were available — 35-, 65- and 95-gallon carts — but 65 gallons is more than sufficient for the average household, Parker said. About 13,000 tons of trash from 16,250 Manchester dwellings is incinerated annually. That works out to about 1,600 pounds of waste for the average household each year, or about 31 pounds each week. Uncompacted waste is about a half-pound for each gallon, Parker said. So the average household would produce 62 gallons of trash a week, still under the standard container’s volume. Residents who need larger trash carts can pay for an additional 95-gallon cart for an annual fee of $200. To arrange delivery, call the town’s contracted trash collector, All-American Waste, at 860-289-7850. When placing old trash containers at the curb for pickup, residents do not have to worry if they contain trash, Parker said. “It will be coordinated that most, if not all, of the existing trash containers will be emptied first on the normal collection day before being removed,” he said. Town officials also urge residents to review updated information on items that can be recycled. Visit for details. The location for the assembly, delivery and reclamation process will be the town-owned side of the Manchester Parkade at Broad Street and Green Manor Boulevard. Tractor-trailers and box trucks will be entering and leaving the worksite daily, Parker said.