The Rehrig Pacific family celebrates our people and empowers them to create innovative solutions that effectively and responsibly move goods, resources and ideas.

Our Values


Family Comes First

At Rehrig Pacific, family comes first. We demonstrate this value by genuinely respecting, supporting and caring about each other. We find delight in each other’s successes, both personal and professional. We work toward the emotional and physical well-being of our family members at work and home as it is paramount to our success. Our commitment to each other is what sets us apart from other companies.


Creating value for each other and our customers

At Rehrig Pacific, we find true fulfillment in helping others, both within the Rehrig Pacific family and in our communities. As servant leaders, we lead by example. We align to our mission and vision and we focus on the customer as we execute our work. We are clear about how our own work is essential to the success of the whole organization.


Investing in our people, process, and customers

At Rehrig Pacific, we invest in our people, process and customers. We create an atmosphere of learning which promotes the personal and professional growth of our employees. This allows us to solidify our foundation, generate profits and continue to expand our family.


Empowering people to dream and risk

At Rehrig Pacific, we encourage our family members to dream and we empower our people to act upon those dreams. Through teaching, coaching and mentoring, we encourage responsible risk-taking to drive innovation and improve the business. We rejoice in our victories and learn from our mistakes.


Embracing ideas that challenge the status quo

At Rehrig Pacific, we listen and continually learn. Our environment is one that fosters creativity and a diversity of ideas to challenge the status quo. We embrace ideas that are immediately game-changing as well as those that are incremental. Every impactful solution puts us on a path to a brighter future.