We’re Movers, Makers, and Medium Manufacturer of the Year

We care a lot about supply chains, logistics, containers, and the physics behind them. We also care a lot about our customers, employees and community. So it gives us great pleasure to be named by Partnership Gwinnett and Gwinnett Technical College. Though we love plastics and polymers and particles, as well as efficiency and accuracy and innovation, everything we do at Rehrig Pacific is by and for people. What kind of packaging will protect the farmer’s eggs on the way to the store? How do we create a pallet that will protect the delivery driver’s back when he unloads a truck full of soda? What about that hiccup in the supply chain that keeps eating up time? The questions we answer in the lab help businesses profit, but also help people thrive in their work lives. We take the same approach with our community, putting the needs of people first. We’re very grateful to the people of Gwinnett, and we are happy to contribute to creating a productive, innovative and happy business environment.