New Trash Cans Moving Forward

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A work session Monday with the Burlington City Council moved the solid waste department closer to implementing its new trash collection program. Don Fitting, wastewater treatment plant manager, talked with council members about the company the city will pay to issue surveys and, eventually, trash cans to Burlington homeowners. Rehrig Pacific, pending council approval at its regular meeting Monday, will issue about 9,500 mailers for residents to indicate whether they want a 35-, 65- or 95-gallon city-issued trash can at their home. The survey also will be available online. If the project moves at its current pace, Fitting said homeowners would have access to the online survey and start receiving mailers Aug. 13. Rehrig Pacific has estimated it will cost $8,313 to distribute and process the surveys online and through the mail. In total, assembly and distribution of the new carts should not exceed $500,000. By the middle of next week, Fitting intends to have the three carts stationed at different sites in town so residents can see them in-person. They will be stationed at the public works building, public library and wastewater treatment plant. To accommodate the new carts, the city’s seven garbage trucks will need to be outfitted with two mechanized cart tippers each, at a cost of $68,324.