Peoria to Perform Trash Cart Audit in October

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PEORIA — The city plans to update trash and recycling programs that start in January. To prepare for the updated program, the city looks to identify the location of all of its carts. Each Peoria household will receive information on the new trash, recycling, and yard waste program. All trash carts will get a tag added to the cart to identify it with a unique serial number. Existing serial numbers on trash carts have not been associated with an address. The new serial numbers will be placed on trash carts during the weeks of Oct. 1, 8, 15, and 22. The city is requesting that residents leave their trash carts on the regular collection day until 5 p.m. During those weeks, a crew from Rehrig Pacific, the city’s trash cart manufacturer, will stop at each residential home on the regular trash collection day to attach a tag to the trash cart. Once attached, they will use a scanner to connect the serial number to the residential address. That number will help the city manage the trash cart inventory. Updates to the trash collection program, as well as recycling and yard waste, will go into effect Jan. 1. The public will receive more information later this fall.