Replacing a fleet of carts is a massive undertaking. Let Rehrig Pacific help you nail it. After your rollout carts are manufactured and shipped by Rehrig Pacific, our Assembly and Distribution (A&D) teams load the carts onto our trailers and deliver them to individual customers within your municipality or service area. We have successfully managed A&D projects with up to half a million carts. Using our Vision® software, each cart is scanned to verify delivery accuracy for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Audit routes for an accurate database from the start
  • Receive automated delivery reports for project visibility
  • Cut down on customer complaints
  • Watch delivery in real time during rollout with our online portal
  • Follow Rehrig Pacific’s time-tested A&D checklist to guarantee success
  • Utilize Rehrig Pacific’s GPS capture during A&D for location accuracy
  • Rely on our delivery safeguards to preserve data integrity
  • Grow your service revenue by adding accounts not on your existing billing list
  • Conserve container assets with delivery exception reporting