Specifications IN/LB CM/KG
Capacity (Gallons/Liters) 95 Gal 360 L
Overall Depth (D) 34.5 87.6
Overall Width (W) 30.25 76.8
Overall Height (H) 42.75 108.5
Weight 45.0 20.4
53' Trailer Quantity 340
Decoration Areas WIDTH (IN) HEIGHT (IN)
Side Brand - Hot Stamp (B1) 11.5 7.5
Barcode & Serial Number (B2) 9.75 1.25
Lid Brand - Hot Stamp or Label (B3) 10.0 8.5

Benefits & Features

  • WildSafe BC Certified Bear Resistant
  • ANSI Certified, with all standard components, to limit risk and liability for both the purchaser and end user; Improved cart stability vs. competing FA and SA options
  • Full, Non-Prorated, 3-Year Warranty to protect your investment
  • “Ready-To-Roll” Design – Lids, Locks, Catch Bars, and Body are fully assembled upon delivery; Assembly time for wheels and axles averages less than 10 seconds per container
  • Textured body offers optimum gripping surface for fully-automated collection
  • Safe and Strong – Robust design is lightweight making it easy and safe for humans to maneuver, yet extremely difficult for bears to compromise
  • Limited exposed metal – mitigates potential end-user injuries, reduces container damage in-transit/in-field, and effectively prevents bears from accessing containers by limiting options for access via biting/clawing/bending/twisting
  • Designed with all users in mind – ergonomic locking mechanism allows container to easily be opened by humans with one hand, but prevents bears from opening with claws, paws, and teeth
  • Carts are shipped with lids already attached reducing assembly time
  • One piece blow-molded wheels snap on (BMSO) with integrated spacers, taking seconds to assemble
  • Barcodes and serial numbers are clearly visible when containers are stacked for ease in inventory management
  • RFID Tag Enabled option provides innovative asset and participation tracking programs powered by VisionSM