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Industrial Container Tracking Icon

Stop wasting time and resources on lost, misplaced, or mixed-up containers. Industrial Container Tracking from Rehrig Pacific makes sure you can always keep an eye on some of your most valuable assets. As part of the Vision® platform, Industrial Container Tracking lets you know where your containers are at all times, through an easy-to-use interface that loads onto your existing iOS or Android devices.

Boost Revenue Potential

  • Improve driver productivity
  • Increase asset utilization
  • Improve revenue generation
  • Accelerate return on investment

Minimize Operating Costs

  • Reduce capital spend
  • Reclaim lost assets
  • Eliminate duplicated inventory

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Ensure service to all sites
  • Reduce service errors
  • Strengthen assurance of supply

Case Study: A Leading Waste and Recycling Collector

Industrial Container Tracking cleans up your operation, making sure everything gets where it’s supposed to go while saving you time and energy in the process.

But how? Let’s take a look.