Manage waste without wasting resources.

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Service Verification helps you make sure the work is getting done. Are your drivers picking up on-schedule? Was the bin left in the correct place at the correct time? As a part of the Vision® platform, Service Verification lets you know what’s going on in real time to save yourself some real headaches.
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Boost Revenue Potential

  • Target nonpaying accounts for additional revenue
  • Observe and bill overflows, extra pickups, etc.
  • Identify opportunities to access fees and surcharges

Minimize Operating Costs

  • Minimize container loss
  • Improve collection efficiency
  • Comply with municipal contract specifications
  • Reduce installation and support costs

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Improve response and resolution time
  • Eliminate hardware/software integration issues
  • Streamline implementation and servicing

Camera Service Verification Solution

  • Camera hardware attached to standard RFID reader
  • Provides visual service verification

Case Studies

See the big pictures more clearly with Big Data Analytics.

Service Verification gives you an eagle-eyed view of your operation, from the big picture to the tiny details, allowing you to optimize every level.

But how? Let’s take a look.