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Work Order + Inventory is a software that enables real time confirmation of container movements without the need for manual reporting. As part of the Vision® platform, Work Order + Inventory can provide visibility into container stock, inventory, and a lot more.

Boost Revenue Potential

  • See accurate snapshot of availability
  • Improve customer response
  • Ensure continuous inventory availability

Improve Capital Utilization

  • Minimize capital loss
  • Reduce expenditures
  • Improve cash flow through inventory controls
  • Mitigate revenue loss

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Minimize administrative and labor costs
  • Gain visibility into delivery functions and improve efficiency
  • Reduce excess disposal costs
  • Optimize routing

Featured Case Studies

Mobile Application Features

Residential Work Order Features

  • Realtime work order closures
  • Inventory visibility for route planning
  • Optimized routing and mobile turn by turn directions
  • Asset assignment by RFID or Barcode scanning
  • Capture picture for visual verification

Bulk Pickup Work Order Module Features

  • Realtime bulk work order closure at stops
  • Record cubic yardage of bulk waste at stop real time
  • Capture picture of bulk pick ups to verify work order validation, exceptions, and contamination

Asset Inventory Features

  • Look up and Move – asset to yard, alternate address, and auditing by simply scanning barcode
  • Update inventory – ability to scan asset (RFID or barcode) to update container status to maximize utilization

Service Request Website

Custom-built website portals that give residents access to requests for service forms.

Communication Service

Enables residents to opt-in to phone call, text, or email alerts to be reminded of an upcoming service appointment.

Work Order + Inventory improves efficiency, optimizes workflow and saves you money.

But how? We’ll tell you.