Rehrig Pacific Announces Sale of Pails Division: Polyethylene Containers Inc. to Acquire Segment from National Solutions Provider

Los Angeles (December 4, 2020) National supply chain solutions company Rehrig Pacific announced today the sale of its Pails division to Arkansas-based manufacturer Polyethylene Containers Inc. (PCI). The sale transfers a product line that Rehrig Pacific built rapidly from the ground up in recent years as part of a strategy of constant innovation and diversification to meet clients’ supply chain needs. “Business is always changing” said Will Rehrig, president and owner of Rehrig Pacific. “When my great grandfather started this business in 1913, we made wooden battery crates. Today, I’m proud to say that we are constantly innovating and building new product lines that set a standard for quality and reliability. This is a smart strategic move for two forward-thinking companies, that will help both of us serve our customers better.” PCI CEO Walter Tyson agreed. “Rehrig Pacific has a strong reputation for excellent manufacturing and product development, and we’re proud to be carrying this product line forward at PCI. Rehrig Pacific’s Pails business will complement and bolster our existing work in the same category and expand our ability to deliver just the right product to a wide range of customers.” The sale is expected to conclude by March 2021. PCI will partner with Rehrig Pacific throughout the transition to fully meet all outstanding requirements for existing Rehrig Pacific customers, and no other Rehrig Pacific products or divisions will be impacted by the sale. Rehrig Pacific has over a century of experience as a global solutions provider and is a leading authority on sustainable supply chain solutions. The company has leveraged its expertise in supply chains and operational optimization to generate revolutionary innovations in such varied industries as consumer-packaged goods, dairy, baking, waste management, beverage, and agriculture. Founded in 1913, Rehrig Pacific’s products and solutions create value for their customers’ products and ideas as they move throughout the global supply chain. The company’s proven success comes from focusing on the needs of its customers’ customer, integrating technology to eliminate waste, enhancing the consumer experience, continually delivering solutions that are simple and easy to implement, and providing ideas that are driven by a relentless commitment to sustainability. Learn more at Founded in 1981 and based in El Dorado, Arkansas, PCI operates with more than 30 years of experience manufacturing high-density polyethylene pails, drums, and feeders using state-of-the-art computer-controlled technology and molding equipment. PCI ensures all containers are built with the highest quality materials and maintain a superior level of consistency across its portfolio. PCI’s high-speed production processes paired with high-tech manufacturing allow PCI to deliver industry leading products.