Los Angeles, CA – Rehrig Pacific Company, a leading solutions provider headquartered in Los Angeles, debuts its new Bear-Resistant Roll-Out Cart at WasteCon 2017. The cart, engineered to withstand the efforts of even the most determined bears, is designed to help communities that struggle with the animals getting into residents’ waste. Better yet, it does so without requiring any substantial changes to established waste collection systems by working with both semi- and fully-automated routes.


Rehrig Pacific Infuriates Bears Nationwide

New Roll-Out Cart is Tough on Bears, Not Humans

“As soon as bears realize that a trash cart can be an easy food source, they’ll keep coming back for more,” said Derick Foster, Rehrig Pacific’s environmental design project leader. “By keeping bears out of waste carts right from the start, we can help to prevent them from coming into residential areas in search of an easy food source. This helps protect both residents and the bears themselves. Our cart is designed to be rugged and tough to hold up against bears as well as daily use, and it will still look good sitting in front of your house year after year. Most importantly, it’s an easy-to-use, ergonomically designed product that doesn’t require waste haulers to alter the processes they have in place. We like to say that this cart is bear-resistant, but not human-resistant.” Rehrig Pacific’s Bear-Resistant Cart is designed for revolutionary functionality and efficiency. The cart unlatches automatically when inverted by semi or fully-automated trucks, allowing for easy integration into any waste collection system. Unlike other offerings with exposed metal parts that rust, bend, and break over time, Rehrig Pacific’s one-of-a-kind all-plastic design ensures both durability and longevity. Cart lids, locks, catch bars, and bodies are all assembled upon delivery, and assembly time for cart wheels and axles averages less than 10 seconds per container. “We wanted to alleviate the headache of having to deal with bears, without causing new issues or safety implications for anyone along the way,” said Foster. “Currently, our cart is the only one on the market that’s compatible with fully-automated systems, ANSI compliant, and certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. We’re all really proud of this product, and we’re excited to see how it will help keep communities safer and cleaner moving forward.” See Rehrig Pacific’s Bear-Resistant Cart at WasteCon 2017 in booth 1001. For more information about Rehrig Pacific’s full line of waste and recycling products, visit redtodoonline.com.