Rehrig Pacific Plastic Commercial Containers for Better Refuse Hauling

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In the case of refuse hauling, that is sometimes literally true—trash pickup is as necessary to a functioning society as water or electricity. That being said, when most people think of their trash hauler, it’s usually because they have some kind of complaint. In the case of metal dumpsters, those complaints are pretty much built into their increasingly-antiquated construction. Rehrig Pacific’s 2-Yard through 8-Yard Plastic Commercial Containers silence those complaints. Noise, injuries, storage and shipping challenges, and ongoing maintenance costs all add up over time to make traditional metal dumpsters both annoying and expensive. By now you might be thinking, infomercial style, “There has to be a better way!” There is, and it comes from Rehrig Pacific’s scientific approach. The physics of metal dumpsters are just plain inconvenient. The metal is heavy, the resonating frequency is loud, the steel rusts. Plastic, on the other hand, is light, incapable of rusting, and makes minimal noise. The lower weight reduces push-out injuries in areas where collectors are required to manually wheel the dumpster to the truck, all the while reducing service times. The very nature of plastic dampens noise, preventing complaints from touchy condo owners and Office Managers. And because plastic isn’t, well, metal, you never have to worry about Rehrig Pacific plastic dumpsters rusting out. To put it in scientific terms, plastic outlasts its competition. (We could go into great detail about plastic degradation rates but that might not fascinate you as much as it fascinates us.) However, our engineering wizards went much further than simply making a traditional dumpster out of plastic instead of metal. As experts in both waste containers and in shipping logistics, we devised containers that stack for shipping, storage, deliveries, and removals. Rehrig Pacific Plastic Commercial Containers are nestable, meaning they take up far less shipping and storage space than traditional metal dumpsters. Even better, across-the-board, they have the highest strength-to-weight ratio (a measure of structural efficiency) in the industry for plastic commercial containers.  Meaning you never have to sacrifice performance for safety, or vice versa. The physics of strong, lightweight plastics and simple yet brilliant design yield a container that saves your company time and money, all while improving safety and efficiency for your workers. That’s a win for you, and is sure to reduce complaints from your customers.