Rehrig Pacific’s Recycling Capabilities

Reduce, reuse, recycle. A very familiar phrase that isn’t often put into practice. Rehrig Pacific makes it easy to go by the three R’s because we design our products and logistics solutions around them from the very beginning. Rehrig Pacific bins themselves are reusable and recyclable, and we’ve developed expertise in helping people, companies and municipalities incorporate them into their own closed loop systems—that is, recycling programs and supply chains that continue cycling rather than ending in a trash can. The Rehrig Pacific team has a molecular understanding of plastics. Weight, density, tensile strength; every physical property that goes into making the best packaging possible. But using technology to make a reusable, recyclable bin is just one part of a closed loop system. By exploring technological innovation, we can find efficiencies and solutions others can’t. Rehrig Pacific bins have integrated RFID chips that allow a company or municipality to track the physical location of the bin as well as collect data on consumer behavior, such as participation in a city recycling program. This kind of analysis allows cities to reduce bin loss and tweak their programs to be more successful. To help promote municipal recycling programs, Rehrig Pacific also equips bins with Near Field Communication (NFC), QR codes and barcodes that can engage with customers’ mobile devices, gathering data like location, asset type, asset details and more. Municipalities can use this data to learn more about consumers and can use it to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns to increase participation in recycling programs. Everybody wins. Rehrig Pacific’s expertise in packaging and mastery of the supply chain contributes directly to the success of company and municipal recycling programs. We’ll do all the thinking and testing and experimenting behind the scenes, and you can take the credit for a recycling program that reduces, reuses and recycles more efficiently than ever.