Semi-Automated and REL Kickbar Compatible Containers for Urban Conditions

At Rehrig Pacific, a container is never just a container. It’s an intriguing scientific challenge. We analyze every step the container will take on its journey and create solutions that incorporate all of that research into the final design. Waste pickup is no different. From the customer to the waste hauling employee to the truck and back, we studied everything there is to study about the life of waste containers. And then we reinvented them. The Rehrig Pacific ¾ Yard Semi-Automated Container and 1 Yard Convertible Container are made to face the specific challenges of urban environments. Narrow alleys, narrow doorways, narrow halls, basically narrow everything. So we did what the other container companies haven’t done—we made our bins narrower. The ¾ Yard Semi-Automated Container and 1 Yard Convertible Container are as much as 8 inches narrower than other waste collection bins, making them much more maneuverable than the competition. Back at the lab, we dive deep into the science of things, which always includes the physics of how actual human beings use our products. The ¾ Yard and 1 Yard containers are designed with waste hauling employees in mind—narrower widths make the containers easier to move, and the light, strong plastic makes them a lighter load to lift, push, or pull than traditional metal dumpsters. Once out on the curb, both the ¾ Yard and the 1 Yard containers are compatible with semi-automated tippers, and the 1 Yard container is also compatible with rear load kickbar setups. Our research has paid off with narrower, easier to use containers that don’t compromise.