Specifications IN/LB MM/KG
Length (L) 48 1,219
Width (W) 40 1,016
Height (H) 5.63 143
Overall Fork Pocket Width (W1) 30 762
Individual Fork Pocket Width (W2) 12.5 317.5
Overall Fork Pocket Length (L1) 33 838
Individual Fork Pocket Length (L2) 14 356
Fork Pocket Height (H1) 3.45 87.6
Weight 48.5 22
Static Load Rating 8,400 3,810
Dynamic Load Rating 5,000 2,268
2" Edge Rack Load Rating 2,800 1,270
53' Trailer Quantity 570
Decoration Areas WIDTH (IN) HEIGHT (IN)
Brand, Barcode or RFID Area (B1) 4.375 2.5

Benefits & Features

  • Manufactured from HDPE using high pressure
    injection molding creating superior strength
  • Metal reinforcements provide superior edge
    racking capabilities and excellent impact
  • HDPE material is ideal for cold and frozen
    environments when breakage with PP pallets is
    a concern
  • Pallet meets the GMA pallet height spec of 5.6″
    high, allowing more pallets and product per
    truckload and pallet positions
  • Deck and base components are welded
    for additional strength and long-term rust
  • Designed with large fork opening to minimize
    damage and provide excellent impact resistance
  • Non-cruciform bottom structure reduces pallet
    jack damage and reduces total plastic weight
  • Two-piece snap lock design allows for quick and
    easy repair
  • Ergonomic handles eliminate dangerous and
    awkward pallet handling
  • Molded-in top deck texture reduces case
  • Pallet is 100% recyclable