Rehrig Fusion Duo Lift
Specifications IN/LB MM/KG
Length (L) 60 1524
Chassis Width (W) 20 508
Narrow Tine Span (T1) 14.6 371
Wide Tine Span (T2) 23.6 600
Height (H) 54 1372
Weight 575 261
Load Rating 3000 1364

One or more Rehrig patents apply to this product

Benefits & Features

• Industry first adjustable tine span system expands and retracts for small and large format stores • Utilizes robust, industry standard component to transport full and half pallets from trailer to store or cooler • Compact chassis design to maneuver through tight aisles and into coolers • Maneuverable with a zero-turn radius and upright controls • Quiet AC Drive System is near silent when delivering in store • Lightweight at only 575lb with battery • Operates like a standard electric pallet jack • Accepted in C-stores with a lightweight 575lb lift including battery • Fully powered drive, lift and lower, expansion and retraction • Compatible with the Duo pallet and most full-size pallets • Lightweight lithium ion battery lasts a full shift with tool-less quick swapping when necessary • Customizable hood branding