Fleet Management & Driver Performance Solution monitors your drivers and provides feedback in real time. That means less time training them to drive safer and more efficiently, while ensuring compliance. As part of the Vision® platform, Fleet Management & Driver Solution keeps an eye out for your supply chain and the people you count on. Oh yeah, and the environment too.

Decrease Accidents

  • Real-time verbal coaching technology tells drivers when they’re speeding, driving aggressively or not wearing a seat belt
  • Alerts managers when unsafe actions are detected

Increase Fuel Efficiency

  • Reduces fuel costs by monitoring speed and vehicle performance
  • Increased fuel efficiency reduces C02 emissions, helping you reach your sustainability goals

Reduce Maintenance

  • More efficient driving reduces wear and tear of brake pads and other vehicle parts

Real-time Feedback & Alerts

  • Monitor driver behavior
  • Can be configured to meet your company’s safety requirements
  • Built-in GPS and accelerometer enable dot-on-the-map location tracking, accident detection, and more

Driver App

  • Receive alerts and generate reports to track driver performance, fleet status and productivity, and compliance with regulations
  • Enables Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, Hours of Service, Electronic Logging Device, and more

Geofence Capabilities

  • Draw geofence around custom areas
  • Driver receives messages pertinent to area, such as safety callouts and speed zones

Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Provides engine diagnostics codes, fault code notifications, fault code red flags, etc.

Critical Event Capture

  • In-cab, forward facing camera helps protect against false claims, improves driver training and increases safety

Universal Compatibility

  • Hardware compatible with any vehicle type
  • Hardware is easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle

Fleet Management & Driver Performance Solution is your best route to safer, more efficient drivers.