When you purchase from Rehrig Pacific you receive an item designed to be rugged, purposeful and beautiful, these plastics are what has made Rehrig Pacific a trusted source for more than a century. We do not stop there. Our focus is on the circular economy of plastics, their impact on the environment and subsequently, our impact on the environment, is what makes Rehrig Pacific a great company. Sustainability is a cultural expectation and an ingrained part of our thinking. Finding innovative ways of reclaiming the plastics we produce, recycling plastics that other companies produce and reusing everything we can to provide you with products that are not only rugged, purposeful and beautiful, but smart and sustainable as well.

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Bulky Rigid Plastics

Putting a lid on bulky rigid plastic waste.

Bulky rigid plastic – think large plastic toys, laundry hampers, deck chairs – has always presented a unique recycling challenge. Most recyclers want to avoid it because it is tough to pick up and tougher to break down. But Rehrig Pacific is engineering new solutions to incorporate recycled bulky rigid plastic into our products, turning over a new leaf in sustainability efforts.

Co-Injection Technology

Sustainability is at the core of what we do.

Aesthetics, strength and sustainability used to be trade-offs. It was thought to be impossible to have a recycled cart that had the strength and curb appeal of its virgin-plastic counterparts. Impossible is where Rehrig Pacific thrives. We pioneered a patented co-injection technology that produces a cart like no one has ever seen: at its core, 100% recycled material. On the outside, a virgin plastic shell, able to be dyed and branded to match your specific needs. The result? A durable, beautiful cart that’s good for the environment. A win-win-win for you.

Ocean Waste

Untangling a global problem.

A Rehrig Pacific partner in South America was devastated to see pristine coastal landscapes ruined by discarded fishing ropes. These heavy ropes–built to stand up to industrial nautical use–are notoriously difficult to recycle because they’re intentionally built of compounds that don’t break down easily. Rehrig Pacific worked with our partners to pioneer processes that reverse-engineer the unique mixes of plastic that comprise these ropes and strips them down to their component parts. Then, we grind them up and melt them into new products. In one case, we are even using the material to produce pallets that are shipping fish to and from Patagonia–turning a coastal nightmare into a coastal redemption story.

Shorter Freight Lanes

Shorter freight lanes for a smaller footprint.

Over the years, Rehrig Pacific has invested in an unprecedented seven domestic manufacturing plants here in the USA. That means our products are American made. Most importantly, it means shorter shipping lanes to get our products to you. Our competitors, who rely on global shipping lanes and only one or two production facilities, create serious carbon footprints getting your products from China to Sheboygan—or wherever. By contrast, more than 90% of Americans live within a day’s drive of a Rehrig Pacific plant, meaning we use short drives and minimal fossil fuels to deliver our products.

Closed Loop/PET

Closing the loop on sustainability.

Every business produces waste. If you’re a beverage company, PET plastics in bottles are always on your mind. If you’re involved in commercial fishing, your operations are generating ocean waste. It is only a problem if you do not act. Rehrig Pacific is helping our customers engineer custom closed-loop solutions so that the Rehrig Pacific tools you use to move your products are built out of the waste products you’re generating. That might mean a retail shell for beverage made with caps and labels (a PET by-product) or a pallet for a fishing company made out of reclaimed fishing rope. No matter what waste you’re generating, Rehrig Pacific can help you engineer a custom solution to meet your sustainability goals and move closer to a zero footprint.

Fusion + Sustainability

Sustainability means people, too.

Part of global sustainability efforts include a sustainable workforce. After all, nothing is sustainable if you run out of employees. America’s hardworking delivery drivers are in short supply and the problem is getting worse thanks to backbreaking work and outdated delivery methods. Rehrig Pacific engineered our Fusion® Delivery Solution to solve the workforce problem and make delivery sustainable again. Our suite of interworking pallets, sleds and lifts make delivery easier by rethinking how we get products from point A to point B. The result is good for your bottom line and easier on the people in your front line.

Vision + Sustainability

See the gaps in your ecosystem with Vision®.

Rehrig Pacific created our Vision software solution to help you spot the problems you didn’t know existed. From missing pallets to inefficient pickup routes, Vision provides real-time insights and analytics to see your operation like never before. And the results have been good for the earth: Vision is helping Rehrig Pacific clients shorten their routes (which means lower emissions), cut down on wasted time at delivery and pickup (meaning less waste) and keep better track of products (meaning reusables stay in circulation longer).