Conventionally, recycled plastics have presented a dilemma for companies. It’s historically been impossible to create a product that contains a significant percentage of recycled material and still looks good. Usually, recycled products (like waste carts) come in two colors: brown or black. The reason is that by the time you have enough recycled material in the plastic to make an environmental impact, it is no longer “pretty.” It has a rough texture and a dark color that can only be dyed or painted over in an even darker color. For years, aesthetics has been the enemy of recycling: well-intentioned companies and municipalities have been forced to pass over recycled options because they must protect their brand and offer consumers an attractive product. Until Rehrig Pacific decided to change all that. By leveraging our extensive industry knowledge, expertise of recycled plastics and know-how of cutting-edge injection molding techniques, Rehrig Pacific pioneered our proprietary co-injection technology to create a product that contains optimal levels of recycled plastic—without sacrificing product strength or aesthetic appeal. Our co-injection molding solution allows us to sandwich up to 40% recycled material within a virgin plastic shell. The shell can be colored like any other Rehrig Pacific product to meet our customers’ exact brand specifications, and the product is visibly and physically indistinguishable from non-recycled counterparts. The result is a product that substantially reduces your environmental footprint while taking used and discarded plastic out of landfills and returning them to use. The idea sounds easy in theory, but until Rehrig Pacific developed the right technology, it was widely considered impossible. Thanks to Rehrig Pacific engineers, impossible is now possible and a dilemma is now solved. You can have a 40% recycled cart that looks beautiful and will stand up to years of use.

Co-Injection Technology

Co-Injection Technology allows for a range of difficult-to-recycle plastics to make up the core of Rehrig Pacific’s waste and recycling carts, while never changing the external visual aesthetics and branding of the cart.
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