If we told you that a pallet, a c-store sled and an advanced, powered pallet jack could not only save you time and money, but could help retain good employees while also reducing your carbon footprint, would you believe us? As unfathomable as it may sound, the Fusion® Solutions system can do just that. Sustainability goes far beyond environmental impact. At Rehrig Pacific, we understand that what makes your business sustainable is also what provides more efficiency, convenience and work satisfaction—exactly what Fusion offers. The Fusion pallet may look like a simple plastic pallet, but it’s the result of the design thinking and expertise of Rehrig Pacific engineers. The beauty of this pallet is its simplicity. By removing the limitations of the standardized pallet size, our engineers devised a pallet that can be tailored to the industry it serves, is infinitely more durable than its wooden predecessor, and can be recycled at the end of its long service life. Made from up to 40% recycled materials, the Fusion pallet aids in truck loading, making the most of the space you have available and reducing the number of freight trips your drivers have to make—lowering your amount of carbon emissions. The Fusion Agile Sled was designed specifically to make convenience store stops more convenient. When combined with the Fusion pallet, the Agile Sled creates a true truck-to-cooler delivery path for your drivers. No more downstacking to a hand truck and wiggling their way through skinny aisles. The Agile uses a slim design created to fit easily within aisles and a cleverly designed wheel system that allows for tight maneuverability. This means less work for your drivers, reducing fatigue and lowering the chance of injury while also decreasing time spent at each stop. This results in less time spent idling, saving the world from more emissions, and saving you from more frequent fill-ups. Bottom line, the Agile sled increases the sustainability of the planet and your people. The Fusion Duo Lift creates a seamless process from warehouse to cooler. This incredibly versatile lift has adjustable tines to fit Fusion pallets, traditional pallets, and just about anything else. With self-propulsion power, hydraulic forks and an ergonomic and highly maneuverable footprint, the Duo makes short work of loading, unloading and delivery. In fact, this revolutionary lift can load pallets, then go directly from truck to store, upping the efficiency of your drivers and stops while drastically reducing fatigue. This means better employee retention, shorter stops, more efficient loading and packing and a much more sustainable future for your company. So, can a pallet, a sled and a lift really make that big of a difference? You better believe it.