It’s no secret that ocean waste–specifically plastic waste–is a problem that is sorely lacking in immediate solutions. How to collect the waste and especially how to dispose of it properly is a global topic of conversation. As a leading manufacturer of plastics, it’s obviously an issue that we have a vested interest in. Knowing that we needed to take action as soon as possible, Rehrig Pacific Company took a step back, formulated ideas, found partners and developed a solution that would allow for the removal and reuse of tons of ocean waste from a pretty surprising source. Watch the video below to see how we did it. There’s a common misperception when it comes to the ocean waste problem. Rehrig Pacific recognized that not all ocean waste is made up of plastic bottles or discarded shopping bags. Instead, much of the waste in and around our oceans is industrial waste from large fishing operations and other marine industries. One of the biggest byproducts of industrial fishing operations is nylon netting and ropes. This was especially evident around the Chilean Patagonia. Rehrig Pacific Company partnered with the Atando Cabos Project, which is dedicated to restoring the pristine beauty of Patagonia while also offering a real, valuable product at the end of the process. The Atando Cabos Project was founded in 2018 with the belief that this discarded waste could be recycled and repurposed to serve a new role as other long-life plastic products. Another Rehrig Pacific partner receives the waste material, reclaims and pelletizes it, and then ships it to Rehrig Pacific, where we integrate it into our manufacturing process, producing items such as pallets that are then distributed to places like South America. We are excited and honored to be a part of an initiative such as Atando Cabos, with immediate real-world benefits to both the ecosystem and the end consumer.

Eliminating Ocean Plastics with the Atando Cabos Project

The Atando Cabos project focuses on the recovery and transportation of ropes and nets into raw material that can be repurposed into other long-life plastic products. Rehrig Pacific is changing the paradigm ensuring that discarded plastics are no longer seen as waste but a resource. Together, The Atando Cabos Project and Rehrig Pacific are on the mission to eliminate ocean plastics.
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