When the topic of sustainability comes up, it’s often believed that the answer lies in recycling, or an increase in vehicle efficiency, a different type of fuel, and so on. At Rehrig Pacific, we feel that’s a little one-dimensional. In our minds, sustainability means optimizing every system and procedure to ensure that it operates as easily, effectively, and with as little waste as possible. That’s where Vision® comes in. What if we could optimize the efficiency of your operation by drastically reducing inventory loss, or by drastically increasing the visibility you have over all of your processes? Vision represents a new approach to the sustainability of your business by providing you with this and more. With Vision’s Asset Tracker software, you can see real-time data that tells you how much inventory you have and where it’s all located. You can even see an analysis of the time it took for a piece of inventory to arrive at its destination. With 24/7 tracking and monitoring, you can know immediately if something goes missing. That equates to less wasted time, less inventory loss, and ultimately, less need to order new inventory when it may not be needed, making your operation more sustainable overall. Vision can even improve the efficiency of repair or replacement services. With Service Verification, you can ensure that your drivers are picking up on schedule and that they’re delivering items to the correct location at the correct time. This improves your collection efficiency, reduces installation and support costs, mitigates missed pickup claims and more. While being a time and energy saver, Vision Service Verification also helps increase cash flow by giving you better visibility of things like bill overflows, extra pickups, and service requests. When it comes to the sustainability of your business, think bigger than recycling and aerodynamics, and start making the most of every single component of your operation.