The Bear-Resistant Roll-Out Cart: Better, Stronger and Smarter Than the Average Bear

For every problem, there’s a solution. Of course, those solutions vary greatly in quality and cleverness. At Rehrig Pacific, we don’t stop until we’ve considered every angle. It just so happens this is true for bears too, restlessly bashing and flipping waste carts until they pop open to reveal the delicious garbage inside. With their massive size and strength (and occasionally surprising smarts), bears usually get what they want. That’s bad for your waste cart and your neighborhood. As their habitats are changed by people and environmental shifts, bears start snooping around outside their usual territory, looking for an easy meal. The problem is growing particularly quickly in Colorado, Alaska and Florida. (Yes, Florida). Rehrig Pacific’s Innovation Design Department and the Environmental NPD team set about building a bear-proof waste cart with a zeal and ingenuity that’s typical for Rehrig Pacific – but not the industry as a whole. Rehrig Pacific’s commitment to innovation is so deep we actually re-examined our older bear-resistant waste cart that already worked. The design group tore the cart to pieces, literally and metaphorically, to find every single flaw and every single opportunity for improvement. The result is a waste cart that not even a 650-pound bear can pry open – that also looks modern and attractive. Hungry bears will be disappointed to find that no amount bashing, slashing, clawing or rolling will reveal Rehrig Pacific Bear-Resistant Roll-Out Cart’s contents, yet the cart is completely compatible with existing fully-automated waste pickup systems. The cart was also designed with the environment in mind. The Bear-Resistant Roll-Out Cart incorporates a high percentage of recycled material without jeopardizing the strength of the bin, and is produced at one facility to reduce inefficiency and waste. Indestructible, good looking, easy on the environment and a breeze to use, our cart succeeds on an almost implausible number of levels. Where others settle for good enough, we are restlessly curious and obsessed with innovations. We explore every aspect of an industry, a problem, a product, even the way the wheels attach to the cart (in a word – easily). Innovation is our passion, excellence is our product, and industry leadership – well, that just comes naturally.