You Can Now Buy Wine KEGS—Because Just 1 Glass is Never Enough

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Quick question: have you ever stared at a photo of some new, groundbreaking invention and genuinely wondered to yourself, “Where on earth has this been my whole life and how have I survived thus far without it?” Well, that perfectly sums up what just happened inside my brain when I found out that freakin’ wine KEGS are a thing that exist in this world. Bridge Lane, an adorable wine label based in Long Island, NY, is the miraculous creator of not one, but five wine-filled kegs that have me counting down the days minutes until my first backyard Summer party. The vino-licious contraptions come filled with either chardonnay, rosé (can you say #RoséAllDay?!), white merlot, sauvignon blanc, or a red blend. One keg contains 19.5 liters of boozy goodness, which translates to 26 bottles, if you’d like more of a visual picture of just how much wine is shoved in these things. Each of Bridge Lane’s wine kegs costs $240 and can be purchased online for doorstep delivery via Lieb Cellars, the winery that owns the label. A quick note for anyone who doesn’t live in or near Long Island: your keg will be delivered with the bag of vino inside a “sturdy cardboard case” rather than the usual blue plastic shell, for shipping purposes. Check out and shop each of the adorable kegs below. Bottoms up, fellow wine-lovers!