Top Five Summer Wedding Color Themes in 2020

Top Five Summer Wedding Color Themes in 2020

There’s no better season for a wedding than the summer. In addition to longer days, brighter skies, and beautiful temperatures, summer is ideal for incorporating a rainbow of energetic, eye-catching colors to your wedding’s color scheme. If you’re looking for some planning inspiration, reviewing some of the most gorgeous summer wedding colors and combinations may be just what you need to cultivate the perfect palette for your big day.

Baby Blue, Navy Blue, and White

Baby blue and white is a simple but classy combination for summer weddings. A white bridal dress and light blue bridesmaid dresses pair well with white wedding bouquets with a touch of navy blue. For the men, navy blue suits with white shirts and blue ties are an excellent sequence that will tie the entire bridal party together in pictures.

Gold, Green, Beige, and White

With beige and white serving as the neutral tones, adding a dash of gold for extra shine and green for a natural touch is an outstanding choice for outdoor weddings in the summertime. From gold embroidery in your decorations to shimmering sequins on your bridal bouquets, opting for this complementary variety of colors opens the door for a virtually endless amount of designs, textures, and patterns to work into multiple aspects of your wedding.

Light and Dark Purple

Using a variety of different purple shades is another prominent option for outdoor weddings, as these hues blend especially well with a background of greenery. The chance to select from a bountiful assortment of purple colored flowers like verbenas, lavenders, clematis, and anemones is another perk of using this color scheme for your summertime wedding.


Coral is a warm, sunny shade that has been one of the most popular choices for summer weddings in recent years. These hues look amazing in many areas like decorations, bridesmaid dresses, flower arrangements, invitations, and even a wedding cake. Another great aspect of this trendy shade is that it pairs beautifully with numerous other colors including grey, white, gold, navy, and green.

Light Pink and Copper Gold

If you’re searching for a truly romantic set of summer wedding dresses for your big day, pairing light pink with copper-gold is the way to go. Since this blend is very neutral in and of itself, you’ll have a lot of room to be a bit bolder when it comes to other components of your wedding’s design and decorations.

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