Beneficial Ways a Church can Use Tote Bags

Places of worships play a pivotal role in creating awareness among people. Here people worshiping the creator of the Universe seek thoughts to lead a better life. Hence, churches are the most suitable base to spread the use of eco-friendly items for safeguarding our surroundings from getting polluted. This innovative idea will help Church goers to think about using recyclable tote bags instead of non biodegradable plastic bags.

Here are some ways Church can promote usage of tote bags:

  • Can be a welcoming gift for new members into the congregation – The new members will really think it is a nice gesture. While using the bag they will remember their first day in the church welcomed by other members.
  • Providing tote bags to members while they are planning for mission trips – Your members may need to carry many items with them and thus it will be quite helpful. They can even gift blessing bags to be distributed to needy people. Moreover, people will remember your church mission and good will for many years while they use the bags.
  • You can customize the bags promoting the sayings of God. This kind of bags help in spreading God’s words to mass of people easily.
  • Many members of Church attend special prayers and other communion meetings in various places. Provide them tote bag designed using durable quality material like canvas, jute or cotton to keep their prayer guides and other things.
  • You can sell the bags to raise funds for Church free social services. You can use them to sell in religious events as well.

There are numerous Custom Reusable Tote Bags of good quality available at reasonable price marketed through online sources by well known bag makers. You just need to select the best among the many by logging on to their website. One such manufacturer of tote bags is

The bag makers are ready to customize the bag as per your requirement, thus just give them the details about the size, shape and look of the bag. You are sure to get cost effective bags in few days.

Facts you should consider while placing the order:

  • Number of bags required – Placing order for several bags at a time will help in reducing the price of bags greatly.
  • Need to decide the size, shape and pattern of bags. You can even plan to order different types of tote bags printed with your church info.
  • You need to plan the matter to be provided to make custom printed tote bags.

Another great idea is to auction handmade bags to raise funds helping in Church activities. You can collect the bags from the members and put them for auction. It will be a great activity for congregation members. Moreover, the sales and auctioning will help them set their own trading business as people will be aware of their skills to place orders for recyclable tote bags.

Hope these ideas are helpful to find usage of eco friendly tote bags in Church.

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