How Over The Counter Drug Abuse Can Impact Families

When you suffer from any medical health issues such as acute pain or any chronic illness, one is advised to visit a doctor to get a remedy to get relief from it. While the availability of over-the-counter medicines helps to relieve pain, there are various cases in which they aren’t effective.

Due to the risks associated with their consumption, they are only available on prescription. Their sedative effect has the potential to cause abuse. However, people don’t completely understand what leads to the abuse and the possible risks associated with its incorrect dosage. Let us understand more about how prescription drugs lead to abuse.

What do you mean by prescription drug abuse?

Doctors advise drugs to provide relief to the person based on his ongoing illness. Doctors check several things before they prescribe a prescription drug such as weight, age, interactions with other ongoing medicines, etc.

But they are not aware of the fact that their brain gets used to taking prescription drugs and after some time, you don’t feel any effect of the medicine. You may require more doses of the drug to get benefit from it. This is referred to as increased tolerance. However, many people do not realize that consuming more than prescribe dosage can lead to its abuse.

Couples rehab is a leading drug/alcohol addiction recovery center in San Diego, CA. The center provides several methods such as inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, behavioral methods, residential programs, counseling, and aftercare to ensure lasting relief from drug addiction.    

Prescription drug abuse happens in one more way where the person starts to consume medicines that are advised for another person. It can result in dangerous consequences. Just because it is giving relief to another person, doesn’t imply that it will give pain relief to you too.

How to know that you have got a Prescription Drug Addiction?

Abuse caused due to prescription medicine is hard to identify. Most people fail to realize it until they find their close ones to tell them about it. Often people who consume prescription drugs remain ignorant of the fact that their drug abuse impacts themselves, and their families, till they reach the later phase of their illness.

These drugs hamper your thinking abilities and cloud the mind. Due to the inability to make logical decisions, they continue to suffer from this abuse.

What to do if you have a prescription drug abuse?

One of the best ways to deal with it is by taking couples therapy for addiction. It has been seen that couples who undergo this therapy are seen to show low possibilities of relapse.


People have a common misunderstanding that prescription drugs are legal, and safe to use. They believe that as these drugs are prescribed by doctors, they have no side effects. Drug abuse impacts not just the person but the entire family. By getting the assistance from a rehab center, you can treat drug abuse from the root level.

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