Do You Know How COVID-19 Spreads and How Can You Protect Yourself?

COVID-19 has become a pandemic all over the world and today USA is a leading country in the world in terms of number of affected people as well as number deaths from corona virus.

World Health Organization too has declared COVID-19 as pandemic and asked all countries to take necessary steps to prevent this viral disease. People all over the world are therefore started using KN95 masks to protect themselves.

In this article, we shall touch upon few reasons why this virus can spread further and how we can protect ourselves against the spread.

So far there is no vaccine developed for COVID-19 and doctors are trying various medications that are used for treating malaria and HIV treatment and has been able to get limited success in treating few patients affected due to this new disease.

To tell you the truth, medical researchers are still clueless about the reason how the virus started.

Also, rumor mills all over the world are spreading many different misinformation on various social media and that has led to lots of confusion in people’s mind.

How COVID-19 spreads?

This virus initially started in a city called Wuhan in China sometime during end of last year and it started rapidly spreading in the city.

Suddenly the death rate started increasing at alarming rate and as a result, the Chinese government was forced to order complete lockdown of this city.

It was observed that the virus is not in the air but it spreads from person to person as and when an affected person comes in physical contact with a healthy person, the virus gets automatically transmitted without their knowledge.

It is therefore, very difficult to establish who is affected by COVID-19 and who is not as the incubation period is between 3 to 5 days, and till then no symptom can be observed in the affected person.

However, when a person is affected in the initial period, when no symptom is visible, even then he or she can transmit the virus to other person through physical contact, without really knowing about it.

That is the reason the virus has spread very fast and people who have travelled to China has also carried the virus and spread in their own countries. This has created a cascading effect and as a result almost all countries in the world have been affected due to COVID-19.

Those countries that were able to take few counter measures have been able to limit the spreading of this virus by quarantining people affected and also those who arrived from foreign travel.

How to protect from spreading virus?

Since it has been established that humans only are the carrier of this virus, the following measures can prevent further spread of the virus.

  1. Observe total social isolation
  2. Avoid going into crowd
  3. Use facial mask
  4. Sanitizing hands regularly by using any sanitizer or by washing hands regularly
  5. If a person is found to be having symptom must be quarantined immediately and taken to hospital for treatment.
  6. Avoid touching facial parts
  7. Avoid shaking hands with anybody.

Until the vaccine is discovered for this virus, people need to observe these precautions.

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