The Do’s and Don’ts of Picking a Baby Shower Gift

Welcoming a child to this world is an exciting time for the parents-to-be and everyone anticipating the arrival. You can expect family, friends, and coworkers to be there for pretty much every milestone in the child’s life. One of the very first traditions you’ll probably take part in is the baby shower. Of course, you’ll want your gift to be special. To help you decide what to get, here are some quick rules you should follow.

Do Personalize

When you personalize a gift, you’re not merely handing over something you spent on. You’re giving a beautiful and unique item you worked on for hours. You can embroider the child’s name on a blanket or onesie and turn ordinary items into a custom-made one. Spoons or sippy cups engraved with the baby’s initials or printed with sweet messages are nice to have as well. All these baby shower gift ideas will make your keepsake stand out from the rest.

Do Get the Parents a Gift Card

There was a time when gift cards used to get a bad rap. Now, they’re synonymous with versatility, particularly ones that the expecting parents can use in several places even if they’re not registered at the shop. Some of the most helpful presents you can buy are certificates or vouchers for food delivery, babysitting, or a home massage.

Do Buy the Staple

Diapers and wipes are always welcome. You can ask the parents if they’d rather go for cloth variants or disposable ones. You can adjust your shopping to their preferences. Get different sizes because diapering can last up to around four years. Pro tip: purchase bigger ones from the get-go. Newborns grow quickly, so it’s wise to take this into consideration.

Don’t Ignore the Registry

Parents invest their time in coming up with the perfect baby registry. There’s a specific reason behind every item on that list. Help the expecting couple check something off their roster, but don’t think you’re limited to these pieces. You can still get other gifts. This way, you can buy them a present you specifically thought of.

Don’t Forget to Include the Receipt

You can skip the cards and bows, but one thing you have to remember is the receipt. You’re doing your soon-to-be-parents friends a favor by making it easy for them to exchange or return your gift. Allowing them the freedom to choose is a priceless present.

Don’t Bring Them to the Hospital

Visiting the parents and baby at the hospital is a thoughtful thing to do. But, it’s not the right time to give your gift to them. They’re going to pack up and bring home a lot of stuff and a new little person, so save the grand gesture for your next house visit. Instead, get them snacks, coffee, or reasonably sized flower arrangements.

Take note of this list the next time you go shopping for baby shower gifts. It’s a great guide for making sure that you come up with a nice and useful present for the newly completed family. There’s no better keepsake than those you know they truly need.

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