Take Your Day Look to Night for Men and Women

With a few quick swaps and changes, you can instantly trend up your office clothes and get yourself ready for a night out on the town.

For Men

If you wear a suit and tie to work, a few quick swaps can instantly dress down your look while boosting your sidewalk style up. Ditch the blazer and tie. Unbutton the collar button on your business shirt, throw a cashmere sweater over top, and swap the pants for dark wash denim jeans. 

If you don’t wear a suit to work, try throwing on a tailored blazer with that graphic t-shirt, putting on a pair of nice shoes, and a pair of pants with a slimming modern cut. Some cool sunglasses and a Fedora, and you’re ready to rock. 

For Women

Start with a staple piece, and then change your accessories as necessary. A solid colored dress or two piece jumpsuit makes a great foundation to build your style around. During the day keep jewelry and makeup simple, accessories muted and pastel. A scarf, blazer, sweater, or shawl can help keep the piece daytime friendly. When you clock out, it’s time to have fun. Ditch the scarves, shawls, and sweaters and rock some bold colored heels, bedazzled clutch purses, and funky jackets. 

If you have to dress up while on the clock and want to relax a bit after work, a pair of jeans, graphic shirt, and leather jacket are the classic combo. If you’re wearing a 2 piece jumpsuit, just swap either top or bottom for a casual-chic piece. Add some funky sandals, a stylish messenger bag, and some sunglasses, and you are all set. 

Extra Touches

Besides wardrobe swaps there are a few extra touches that can help you transform your look in an instant. For men, slightly tossing the hair with some gel can give you that effortless look, hit your teeth with a whitening pen for pearly whites, and avoid the urge to spray on a ton of cologne after work, less is more, and there’s probably more scent lingering on your skin than you realize. If you want a quick refresh, just do a few extra passes with deodorant.  

For women, you can instantly turn that two piece jumpsuit look into a killer style statement by adding brightly colored lipstick, a few swipes of glitter eyeshadow, and bold eyeliner. For hair, do what you normally don’t at work. If you usually wear it down at work, tie it up in a cool updo, if you usually wear it up for work, let it loose in soft waves. With just a few adjustments you can take a killer day look to a night one in no-time.

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