Homemade coffee: 5 brewing mistakes to avoid

Every day, millions of coffee lovers go through our daily rituals of making our cups of coffee. Most of us see this process as a sacred one that involves getting the right coffee quality that we need.

However, it is a known fact that homemade coffee brewing is susceptible to certain mistakes. The thing is that these little brewing mistakes can massively impact the final taste and flavour of your coffee. The following are the most common types of brewing mistakes that people make when brewing their homemade cups of coffee.

1)         Your newly bought whole beans are not fresh: In reality, we lack a reliable shop that offers quality specialty coffee blends. Rather we settle for the grocery store, which means that the coffee is usually stacked together with hundreds of other nuts and fruits. Coffee has a very short shelf life. This means that the moment that they are stocked in stores and left there, they begin to go stale and lose their aromatics and flavours which have been promised by the label. You should buy your coffee beans like a perishable item like a vegetable or a tin of milk. You should only buy what you will use within a week

2)         You fail to follow a recipe: Will you bake your cake without using a recipe? So, why would you prepare your homemade coffee without using one? Coffee brewing is the process of extracting the flavours of coffee from the beans. The process involved largely depends on the proportion of coffee to water. There are other variables like brewing method, grind size and time all influence this process too. Using a recipe means that you are using a proven method to make your coffee. You usually use the recipe as a guide to help you follow proven and effective processes to make that perfect cup of coffee.

3)         You are using the wrong water: Your homemade coffee could be greatly influenced by your specialty coffee blends but is composed of 98 per cent of water. While tap and low-quality waters can be safe for drinking, it contains chemicals and minerals that can dramatically affect your coffee’s final taste. To avoid this mistake, you may want to use bottled or filtered water. These are usually without any odours or strong tastes. Another important factor that affects your brewing method is the water temperature. Many home coffee makers fail to produce the right amount of water heating to properly extract the coffee. To get this right, find a way of measuring your water temperature and let s boil at about 100C (212F) after which you can let it cool off for some time.

4)         You fail to adjust the coffee grind: There are several methods of brewing coffee and the keyword here is consistency. A different grind is used for the French press method, as a simple pour-over or espresso have their distinct grinds. Depending on the coffee-making method you are using, you will need to adjust the grind. Certain methods need a finer grind compared to others that need a coarser grind. It is wrong to use the same grind size for the different brewing methods.

5)         You do not experiment with your coffee making method: One good reason people love coffee is that you discover new tricks every day with experimentation. With coffee, there are endless possibilities of results that can be achieved with various blend and machine options. From the French Press, a Siphon coffee, the espresso coffee, or the simple pour-over coffee, various coffee processes are open for exploration by adventurous coffee lovers. Remember, you are making a great mistake if you fail to experiment with your coffee blends. Specialty coffee blends provide you with the best opportunity to experiment with your favourite morning drink.

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